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Utilities Disputes

Tensor NZ Limited is a member of this free and independent dispute resolution service. Utilities Disputes will deal with any complaints you have in relation to your energy supply in accordance with the requirements of the Scheme. If:

  • You are not happy how we propose to resolve your complaint of query, or
  • We have not resolved your issue within 20 working days after receiving your complaint, you may refer your complaint to the free and independent Utilities Disputes service to resolve by phone, letter or email.
  • It is clear that Tensor NZ Limited is not going to do anything about it, or
  • Waiting any longer would cause you unreasonable harm, or
  • Waiting any longer would be unjust.

Their details are:

You have two months to lodge a complaint with Utilities Disputes from the time we notify you of our final resolution. You can also take your complaint to the courts or the Disputes Tribunal.

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