About Us

An Open Energy Network

Tensor NZ is an independently owned electricity retailer that is looking to change the way we interact & engage with, and consume energy.

Our mission is to provide customers with choice, simplicity and innovation where energy, data and technology meet.

Unlike traditional electricity retailers, who are primarily focused on generating revenue from selling its power (either from its generation portfolio or procured from wholesale markets), we’re building an Open Energy Network framework that connects all of your energy sources together (e.g., EVs, solar, battery storage, HVAC). This enables us to provide you with informed advice and tailored options, generate revenues from a range of energy sources, while providing you with value.

By tapping into data, technology and innovation, our goal is to expand the traditional retailer service offering beyond what it currently is. Our proprietary technology is built and completely owned by us so when you sign up, you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure on our privately managed network.

Using our tech, we can provide you with customised options to meet any of your needs, whether it’s for your business, rental property, or family home. We’re dedicated to the customer and user experience. So whatever stage of life you’re in – if you’re moving to a new place, buying a property, or starting a business – we can talk through our range of options to find the right price and package for you.

When you sign up with Tensor, you know you’ll be getting a first-class, digital-first service.

* Tensor NZ is a certified reconciliation participant in the NZ electricity market. We currently only supply power to customers in Auckland.
Tensor NZ - choice, simplicity and innovation