NZ set the way for others to follow

Posted on March 19, 2021, 6 p.m.

NZ set the way for others to follow

Over the years, the deregulated market structure has generally worked quite well, albeit with some kinks here or there, which we'll discuss in future posts.

Other countries, such as Singapore, Philippines and Australia, have even adopted their own similar forms of a "market" within their own jurisdictions.

The NZ power market now includes both "old" (or what the industry calls "gen-tailers" or "incumbents") and "new" participants. Both work to keep the lights on for you, the consumers.

The "oldies" are the state-owned companies who were created from the whole de-regulation thing, and today, still make up over 80% of the retail market. But, over the last decade, a bunch of small, smart-thinking, independent retailers have entered the market and started chomping at their feet. These companies (such as us) take on more niche, smaller-focused segments of the market, where the bigger players have either paid less attention to, or haven't really focused resources on promoting.

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